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Packages | Price Table

Price Table

Some notes about prices, please read :

  Prices are not negotiable, why? Because the quality of the service and the support that we provide.

  We know that we are not the cheapest, and we know that many providers offer ridiculously low prices. But remember, when you pay cheap * YOU GET CHEAP * services and support.

  Many people came to us after they had pay lines from china, or lines for "lifetime" subscription with low prices. Get your mind to work and think about, if someone can provide you Lifetime subscriptions at this price.

  Nobody can, and the reason is simple, EVERY provider have expenses to pay EVERY SINGLE MONTH, so never buy lifetime from * ANYONE *. As we know so far, all of them are scammers. Our prices are the "lowest" - BASED - at velue/money and we are proud for this!!.

BitCoin Payments – 10% to ALL PACKAGES

Packages and Prices

8.00 €
1 Month
  • Full Package
22.00 €
3 Month\'s
  • Full Package
42.00 €
6 Month\'s
  • Full Package
70.00 €
12 Month\'s
  • Full Package

 We accept Paypal, Bit Coins and  Amazon gift card as payment method’s   for alternative payment method contact us.


How to pay, choose your package and contact us for the payment details on live chat

If you have already active test line and you want to extend it , please mention your test line username.