IPTV extreme – The best IPTV player

Very good player for android devices, is one of the best options for android devices (mobile phones, tablets, android box players, android tvs.

How to install it.

  1. Download the app from the official site https://iptvextreme.eu/
  2. Choose the latest version apk from the option “
    Need APK ? Download it from Here” At top of the page.
  3. Then Choose the version, at this time the latest version is number 122
  4. Then Choose Paid or Free Version (Free version works fine, but if you like it make a donation to support developers)

If you do not know which version is for your device, the most safe option is to choose the app-universal-release.apk  , download this apk and install it to your device.

When you have install the application to your device, accept the necessary access an run the application.

first screen

The application load then instructions to load the channel list. 

Copy the MAC address and visit the site to load your list https://iptvextreme.eu/

  1. Add your device MAC address
  2. Add ANY name as playlist name
  3. Add your Playlist Url (If you do not know it ask it from live support)
  4. Save

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