How to install IPTV service to enigma2 satellite receiver box, suitable for dreambox, vu+ and others.

We have reports from some users that in some boxes lists are not updated automatically on every restart as it should.

To avoid this problem, prefer to follow this guide

Otherwise you have to re enter the list manually from TELNET once in a time to make sure that you have the latest lists

Do you want to install IPTV service to enigma2 devices? Follow these easy steps:

To make EPG visible in enigma2 devices, follow this guide.

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Step One :

Download the DCC software from :

Unzip the file and install it on your Computer / Laptop.

*For MAC users you can use alternative iDreamX, or run windows application from MAC with WineBottler, more info :

Step Two :

Run the DCC program and connect to your BOX.

default username usually is : root and default password is : dreambox (in some cases no password needed, leave it blank)

Step Three :

f you already know the username and the password for your subscription, you will need them for the next step.

If you do not remember them, contact support on live chat.



Go to DCC and choose the TELNET tab


(For PASTE in TELNET use right click in black box or the middle suitcase icon at the top of the black screen)

IPTV Script Generator v2

To use enter your username and password. IF you do not know these, ask them from live support.

If you see this message, then Service List should be installed in your BOX.

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