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CCcam Server | MGcamd Server

So, are you looking for fast cccam server?

Hopefully you don’t have to spend more time searching. Best cccam server is here and you have already you find it. Cardsharing is our passion and we are glad to share it with you. We provide one of the best service and it is matter of time for you to agree with it, you can get all available satellites and channels with our fast cccam server and of course with best value for money deal. Ask for cline test using the live chat support and get your free cccam test line for 24 hours, to check if our service cover your needs.

  Get full access to ALL available packages and not JUST to one provider, do you have motor satellite dish ? Or do you have multiple lnb’s to your dish then you will get the best subscription for same price as you pay elsewhere.

How we can help you ?

First of all we provide full support to all of our subscribers, via live chat or team viewer if it is necessary. So there is no way to be your own and to not get your problem solved with our support. Second you can check the tutorials section that you can find useful articles and videos for setup your cccam emulator and after that connect to our cccam server.

Why to choose your Cardsharing servers for my sky subscription?

Many Cardsharing services claim that they provide fast cccam server and quality c line to their subscribers. The truth is that it is not easy to provide quality cccam server services and unfortunately you will find out only when you pay for your subscription. It is very rare after your paiment the service to remain at the same quality as you test it before you buy your subscription. Cccam.ml it is the first service in Europe that changed the game rules in card sharing servers, are you wandering why?

  Nobody can, and the reason is simple, EVERY provider have expenses to pay EVERY SINGLE MONTH, so never buy lifetime from * ANYONE *. As we know so far, all of them are scammers. Our prices are the "lowest" - BASED - at velue/money and we are proud for this!!.

We use dedicated servers with 1gb c line and not small vps as usual used from other services.

We give cccam test lines from main official servers and not from “test” servers, so what you test is what you get after subscription.

After your subscription you keep the same c line that you have already test and you are satisfied with it.

We was the first and we still are the ONLY cccam service that provide live chat support, yea, we know that many providers tried to copy this, but try to get them online to ask anything or to solve any issue that you have…. you will not found them. Their chat support are almost ghost support and their email response even worse.

We give access to ALL AVAILABLE providers and channels and not only to one provider at the same price, not only cardsharing uk, not only cardsharing sky,sky cardsharing, you get ALL. (PLEASE NOTE : ALL AVAILABLE)

We support all protocols , cccam , mgcamd, newcamd and oscam.

We protect your data, your details are safe with us. We never give to anyone your details and you will never receive a “spam” email from us. No need to use proxy server to your computer or to your receiver.

Last but not least, we speak your language. German, Hispaniola, Dutch, Portuguese any language. So you can communicate with us without problem..