AJPanel – Enigma2 Tools

AJPanel is a useful panel with some option witch may be handy for you.

to install it, simply download the latest version from here

Go to latest page of the thread to find the latest version. At this moment latest version is v7.4.0 .. 2022-10-21 – Witch will used in this tutorial.


Download the latest version either *.ipk or *.deb (depend of your receiver, deb versions are for dreamboxes. ipk for any other enigma2 box.)

Upload the file to your receiver in /tmp/ directory

ajpanel installation

then go to telnet tab and add the following command to make the installation :

For dreambox (deb file) :

					opkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-ajpanel_v7.4.0_all.deb

For other enigma2 receivers (ipk file) :

					ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-ajpanel_v7.4.0_all.ipk
opkg install

After installation, box will restart gui and AJPanel will be available in plugins menu.

AJPanel has many options, but we will check the 2 most useful for this time.

1) Auto refresh IPTV channel in case it “freeze”, in some boxes some channel may freeze and need to go to another channel and return to make the channel play again. Some times AJPanel can prevent this to happened so it is useful to enable this.  So from menu we go to AJPanel :

and go to IPTV option

then choose local IPTV services

Then choose the channel that you want to watch. (with Green button, it will choose the current IPTV channel that you already watch)

Now the channels it can auto refreshed if freeze, if not just press green button to manually auto refreshed.

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