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How to add cline to your receiver - cccam server
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How to add cline to your receiver

Posted by | November 6, 2014 | Tutorials | No Comments


Main informations

to use a cline you must have a Linux based receiver and installed cccam emulator , follow these steps only if you are sure about these two basic requirements.

Usual clines has this format : C: port user pass

For this tutorial we use as sample a cline with domain port 1234 user dummy and pass dummy

the final  cline looks like this : C: 1234 dummy dummy

I have the cline now what?

As you probably know there are many receivers in the market with lots of models, we cannot have knowledge of all receivers and it is impossible to cover all of them. But if you understand the logic of the process you can do it at any receiver.

Names and menus are different but the main logic is still the same.

The main differences about the most receivers to setup a cline process are :

A) the receiver use a CCcam.cfg file and you must access it from ftp program to add the line
B) The receiver has a special menu to add the cline from tv screen.

If you receiver belongs to A) category follow these steps :

For A sample we use simple and very known receiver dreambox 500/s

1) you must connect to your receiver with an FTP program (like Filezilla or DCC), if you do not have them just download one of them and then run it from your pc. We use DCC for this tutorial.

2) Open DCC

3) Enter your receiver ip (if you don’t know your receiver ip, go to setupexpert setupcommunication setup and see your receiver local ip)

open dcc

4) Then click at the left on FTP

5) then click in var folder and after to etc folder, if cccam is installed in your machine you must see CCcam.cfg file


6) right click at CCcam.cfg file and choose edit


7) when file opens delete all content from file and paste your line ( C: 1234 dummy dummy )

delete content

paste line

paste the cline

8) Then go to filesave and exit

save and exit

Finally restart your cccam from receiver and all must be done.

To get original cline and follow the tutorial see the packages and prices